What We Do

Our mission is to impact neighborhoods with community development, grassroots leadership, and the engagement of churches through Christ’s love.

We believe that all of Fort Wayne, and eventually all of northeast Indiana, can find peace and prosperity  through God’s love in Jesus Christ.

NINE Core Values

  • Pursuing excellence in all things
    Giving our very best as God gave us His.
  • Building effective partnerships
    Working together will accomplish more than working alone.
  • Investing in people
    Extending God’s grace to develop lasting relationships.
  • Kingdom Resourcing
    Providing trained laborers and financial resources to meet the needs within each neighborhood.
  • Fostering personal risk taking
    Walking beyond a personal comfort zone to meet the challenges of the community.
  • Spiritual growth
    Growing more like Christ in serving others.
  • Equipping grassroots leadership
    Raising up leaders from within the community with a passion to serve.
  • Encouraging congregational involvement
    Engaging the Church community to participate through service and leadership.
  • Enhancing holistic community wellness
    Working to restore the full potential of each community and each person for a stronger city.