Victor Kolch

  • Victor Kolch

    Chaplain, Lutheran Hospital

Rev. Victor F. Kolch serves as the Division Director of Pastoral Care at Lutheran Hospital, and started his 39th year with the hospital as a chaplain this past September. He has been married to his wife, Diane, 45 years, and have two children & three grandchildren. Victor and Diane have become recent members of Praise Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne. Supporting community efforts across all denominations and mission opportunities is his passion.

“Contributing to the NINE ministry and mission has been very rewarding to me in my work with the Lutheran Foundation Board of Directors,” said Rev. Kolch. “With my wife, Diane, and I as members of Praise Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, I have also been blessed with serving as a chaplain and more recently Director of the Pastoral Care Division at Lutheran Hospital for almost 39 years. Fort Wayne has a rich and diverse population, but sharing the Good News of the Gospel to those who have not yet experienced the deep Love our Lord has for them will remain for those responding to the Great Commission. My hopes and dreams are for Reverend Lewis King and all of those embracing the mission of NINE to share by Word and Action faithful life in all its abundance. May the Holy Spirit guide all who feel called to support NINE.”