Lewis King

  • Lewis King

    Mission Director

Pastor Lewis King, ministry director, describes NINE’s mission this way:

Fort Wayne, Indiana is our city. This is the place we call home. This is the community where we have chosen to make a difference.
Northeast Indiana Neighborhood Engagement was organized to impact neighborhoods with community development, grassroots leadership, and the engagement of churches through Christ’s love.
Our mission is to bring transformational life change through Christ’s love to individuals living in underserved neighborhoods. We bring together churches and community leaders from all across our community for strategic ministry opportunities in southeast Fort Wayne.
As we “connect people to people and people to Christ,” we want to see transformational life change — both for the individuals who live in these neighborhoods and the volunteers who join our grassroots leadership teams. We want to bring new people into our churches, and we want our church members to grow in their relationship with Christ and deepen their conviction to do the work of the Gospel with an outreach mindset. We want to give our very best to God, just as he gave us His. We want to work together to build effective partnerships, knowing that we will accomplish more together than working alone.
Northeast Indiana Neighborhood Engagement is about investing in people — extending God’s grace to develop lasting relationships. It’s about kingdom resourcing, providing financial resources and trained workers to meet the needs of Fort Wayne’s underserved neighborhoods.
We encourage personal risk-taking — going beyond our comfort zones to meet the challenges of our community.
We want to equip and train grassroots leaders with a passion for service.
Northeast Indiana Neighborhood Engagement is about encouraging our congregations to get involved — to participate through service and leadership — to enhance holistic community wellness.
We work together to restore the full potential of each neighborhood and each person for a stronger city.
And as we do all this, we want to grow more like Christ as we serve others.
Fort Wayne is our city, the place we call home. And Fort Wayne is our mission field. This is the community where we have chosen to make a difference.
Will you join us?