In December 2017 NINE’s Board of Director’s officially on boarded its new Mission Director, Pastor Lewis A. King who is a parishioner at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. Prior to Pastor King enrolling at the seminary, he worked as a full-time barber and remains the sole proprietor of his barbershop, King’s Barber Shop and Community Outreach. It is NINE’s vision to utilize Pastor King’s successful community outreach efforts and community leadership as a spring board to officially begin to achieve its organizational goals as defined in its mission. Pastor King’s outreach work is focused on helping to make the lives of the least of these easier, while spreading the love of Christ and he brings a servant spirit and passion, coupled with his experiences to his new position as NINE’s new Mission Director.

Concordia Lutheran High School students participated in Koinonia Service Day on October 5, 2018. Among the 65 locations for service this year was King’s Barber Shop and Northeast Indiana Neighborhood Engagement.

We’re very grateful to the students who participated!